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Shells on the beach
Sand trails from various sea shells on Anna Maria Island, Florida

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Paul Allen's yacht Tatoosh was in town for maintenance. Since it is the 4th largest yacht in the US, I just had to see it and snap a few photos. At a bit over 300 ft, it's as long as football field. You've got to see the helicopter and 2 full-size boats that are parked on the yacht!

My latest photo outing was at the Honda Grand Prix. It's hard (for me) to get good shots of cars doing 100+mph but there are a few 'keepers'. My only Danica shots are zoom shots when she was doing her 'warm-up' stretches before getting in the car. Even though I stumbled into a semi-private shoot with her, I failed to get any good shots because I didn't want to interfere with the pro camera team. And, Danica's biggest fan (DanT) was too star-struck to ask for a photo.

Other photo sets

I'm currently working on a composite panoramic sunset at the St Pete Marina. You can see the base shots here. Also, the Selby Gardens set includes a few nice flower shots. And be sure to look at the Anna Maria Island set for more sea shells.

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Bush vs. the Gas Industry???

April 26, 2006

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Your kid cuts class and gets into fights and the school is to blame

April 14, 2006

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